What To Expect During a Massage Session

If you have never had a massage before, you may be a bit nervous about what to expect during your massage session.

The first thing you should know is that your massage session is all about you. You do not have to comply with anything that makes you uncomfortable.

You should be comfortable enough to speak up and request what you need at all times.

When you arrive, you’ll find a relaxing atmosphere with soft, tranquil music playing and lighted candles. You will be asked to have a seat while you fill out a short health questionnaire. I need to have a general idea of your overall health as there are some conditions that require special attention during a massage and a few will even restrict your ability to receive a massage.

Remember: The massage is all about you!

Each person varies as to what pressure feels best to them. I typically use a firm pressure and invite you to let me know at any time if you’d like me to use more pressure or to lighten my touch using less pressure. Some people go into a massage thinking the massage therapist must know best, but you know what is best for your body. While I can feel the various tension patterns and tight muscles, I have no way of knowing how they feel to you without you telling me, so if I am causing you discomfort please don’t hesitate to speak up and let me know.

While massage for the most part is thought to be relaxing, it can sometimes be a little painful. The pain is a result of the tight muscles being worked on and is usually indicative of how much tension is in your body. There is a certain level of pressure that is needed for the massage to be effective but at no time should you be in such pain or discomfort as to think you would never want to come back again.